Zhao Jianghui: My colleague sent you a special souvenir for the sixth anniversary of poverty alleviation

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“The motherland is the most solid rely on the people, heroes are the most shining coordinates of the nation.”Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has paid tribute to heroes, narrated their deeds and praised their spirit on many occasions.On the occasion of Tomb-sweeping Day, Hebei Youth Daily and Heqing News launched “The most shining Coordinates · A Letter home” to integrate media reports. Let’s recall the story of Yingmo, inherit the spirit and legacy of Yingmo through letters from their relatives, colleagues and comraes-in-arms.Zhao jianghui was the head of the First Criminal Court of Hebei Province High People’s Court. He volunteered to go to Jingtang Village of Fengning County to alleviate poverty in early 2016.He earnestly implemented the requirements of targeted poverty alleviation, conducted surveys and listened to public opinion from the grassroots level, and made every effort to find a way to attract funds. With his perseverance, he explored a development model featuring special planting and industry to enrich the people, paving a new way for people in need to get rid of poverty and become rich.At 12:48 am on November 19, 2017, Zhao Jianghui passed away, his poverty alleviation experience becoming the last mark of his life.At the beginning of 2020, Jingtang Village was lifted out of poverty, and Zhao jianghui became the villagers’ unforgettable family member during the memorial ceremony.Qingming festival will come, in Fengning County xinying village to participate in the village work Li Yanmin is also about to return to work.Before leaving, with the assistance of fengning County Court, she visited zhao jianghui’s hometown, village cadres and familiar villagers, and sent a special memorial to Zhao jianghui and those who cared about him before qingming Festival.Zhao Jianghui (June 1970-November 2017) was the former chief judge of the First Criminal Trial Division of Hebei Higher People’s Court.He has participated in the work of the court for 24 years, and has been rated as advanced Worker and Excellent Party member for many times. He has won the first and second merit awards respectively.On February 25, 2016, Zhao Jianghui responded to the call of Hebei Provincial Party Committee and led the Targeted poverty alleviation Team of Hebei High Court to Fengning Manchu Autonomous County.He was appointed fengning county party committee standing committee, provincial direct in Fengning poverty alleviation team chief, elected camp township Jingtang village first secretary.During his work in Jingtang Village, Zhao jianghui helped jingtang village find a way to get rid of poverty and become rich in accordance with local conditions, realizing nearly 100 poor households.For this reason, Zhao jianghui was awarded the “Contribution Award for Poverty Alleviation” by hebei Provincial Party Committee and the honorable title of “Outstanding First Secretary of Village in Hebei Province” by Hebei Provincial Party Committee.In August 2016, Zhao jianghui suffered from liver cancer while working in poverty alleviation in the village. He passed away on November 19,2017, at the age of 47.After his death, Zhao Jianghui was posthumously awarded the title of “Outstanding Communist Party Member” by fengning County Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China, the First class merit of hebei High People’s Court, and the honorary title of “National Outstanding Judge” by the Supreme People’s Court.In early 2022, Zhao jianghui was selected by the Central Political and Legal Commission as one of the “Two Hundred Outstanding models of politics and law”.Li Yanmin, Party Committee of Hebei Provincial Higher People’s Court, was zhao Jianghui’s former colleague.In March 2020, I went to Xinying Village, Fengning County to participate in the work in the village, and now I will finish the work in the village and return to work.Visit jingtang Village and send you a special memorial to President Jiang Hui: The grass grows and the birds fly, and it is also qingming.My good colleague and good leader, it has been more than 6 years since you came to jingtang Village for poverty alleviation in a blink of an eye.Two years ago, I came to Xin-ying Village of Fengning County to take part in the work in the village. I was struck by the scenery and often thought of you, and of your ambitious and energetic appearance at the beginning of 2016 when you set out to help the poor in the village.Often with colleagues to visit the village together, you and jingtang village is inadvertently can remind everyone of the memories.Visiting Jingtang Village has always been my deepest desire, so before the end of my work in the village, I want to go to the village to shoot some videos, to give a special memorial to those who care about you.My idea hit it off with Wang Haitao, president of fengning County Court, who quickly organized a shooting team without having lunch at noon.At 5:00 PM, Dean Wang came back from the meeting. He did not worry about the visit and shooting the next day. Together with Li Jing, director of the political Department, he visited Jingtang Village at night.”Record · Memory – Written before tomb-sweeping Day” The river embraces the moon, reflecting thousands of miles.Help the poor and improve people’s well-being.Bow down and do your best.Fengning years, the hall of Memory.”Records prolong memories, stories tell people.When I look at the old photos, I am reminded of my former comrades…”At nearly 11 o ‘clock in the evening, President Haitao sent the poem in memory of you with this paragraph.That night, until late at night, we were still in contact with the village officials and villagers you had worked with.Although many years have passed, hearing about your visit, the other end of the phone is still unable to hide the excitement.The next day, March 24, through the winding mountain road, the name of “Jingtang Village” finally caught my eye.Different from what you told me, jingtang Village now stretches along the side of the country road. Rows of neat and beautiful dwellings with red roofs and white tile faces are becoming more elegant and straight.President Chiang Fai, do you remember He Kui-quan?When you were stationed in the village, he was still an ordinary villager who contracted the greenhouse project. In recent years, he has been leading the villagers to get rich. Last year, he was elected the village branch secretary.You have just arrived in the village and live with the members of the village in Zhao Shuchun’s house.Sister Zhao’s old house, after some renovation and transformation, into a four-room pattern of a new room.You talked about having trouble going to the bathroom at night, and having a fall, and that’s definitely not going to happen again in the new house.Villager Zhang Xiufen told us about the changes in her life during the past few years when she worked in the greenhouses to increase her income. When she talked about the changes brought to her life by the industry you led the villagers to build, she even burst into tears.After listening to the villagers’ stories, we took this heavy memory and visited and photographed the village scene of Jingtang village at dusk.This is an everyday day for the villagers, but it is a brand new memory and special memory for us and all the court officers.I can’t help asking myself, why do I often think of you, why do my colleagues often mention you, especially the villagers here, why do you always remember?I think that is because, although the time is short, you have fought for the key projects to take root here, and determined the scene and state of jingtang village’s peaceful life now.This is your firm faith as a Communist party member, justice for the people of the heroic model of spirit, in poverty alleviation work, wholeheartedly serve the villagers of the continuation and embodiment.Visiting jingtang Village, I completed my wish.In the memory of the future, in addition to your heroic image, there will be more care for the distant mountain village, and more hope for persistent pursuit.We are willing to follow the past and remember our role models.You have not seen, we have seen for you, but also along the pace of your struggle, long-cherished and sleepless, to forge ahead!Colleagues yan-min li source: river green news green news editor banten | channel editor GengShuo producer Li Mohan | channel