I strongly recommend 3 ancient novels: “Blue Hair”, “Spring Flowers and moonlight Night”, “Six palace Fenghua”, will follow

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to Zhiyue School. Nice to meet you all.Xiaobian every day for everyone to collect a variety of wonderful novels, so that fans and friends read addiction, so that time is abundant, I hope we can like it.Strong push 3 ancient words novel: “wan Sili” “Spring Flower moonlight night” “Six palace Fenghua”, will chase after the first: “Wan Sili” author: Bo wonderful excerpt priority: I really did not expect wrong, this guy is really a flower thief!Alas, this world how, even a flower thief also grow so wind Liu Peugeot, suddenly think of that advertising words to “handsome ah handsome ah, handsome is also a kind of sin”!I felt a thirst in my throat and a slight rinkling in my heart. I wanted to get out of his arms, but I was shocked to find that my whole body was so soft that I couldn’t muster any strength. I glanced up and said angrily, “Have you drugged me?””It’s the fragrance.”Jade butterfly smiled and hugged me to the inner room, “the girl didn’t smell the fragrance in the air?This is my jade butterfly exclusive secret system of ‘touch jiao Lu’, in addition to let the girl’s body powerless, there is a little aphrodisiac effect.”The original just air in the fragrance is to have a head, I a burst of dizziness, no wonder can alleviate my headache, both fan sweet is sweet, I saw him straight hold me into the inner room, anxious and gas, this is the evil fruit of fame?I should have expected, not only to attract prostitutes, but also to attract flower thieves.Although my sexual outlook is not so conservative, this jade butterfly is a handsome man, but still very dislike this kind of passive position, always being calculated feeling.”Childe ye born so wind Liu Yuzi, what kind of woman have no, why use these dishonorable means?”My heart grew more and more frightened, and I did not know what to do to stop him.”The girl does not know the pleasure of stealing perfumes and gems, which can not be compared with those unworldly pleasures of picking flowers and chasing butterflies.”Jade butterfly gently put me on the bed, bent over to kiss me, I gasp, only feel the brain drowsy, with the paste like, but the nose is sensitive, only feel the fragrance in the air more rich, I can not open him, I am in a daze tunnel: “you……I’m so ashamed…””Fair lady, good man, qiu, there is nothing to be ashamed of.”Jade Butterfly evil evil smile, “besides the girl so special, a girl, but people fall in love.”I just feel the smell of the man’s body is getting stronger, very good smell, like burning a fire in my heart, I know this is that “touch jiao Lu” played an aphrodisiac effect, this is my passion, weak will of the time, really want to shi in him tonight?I gnashed my teeth and suddenly bit my lips. The smell of blood filled my mouth, and my sanity seemed to restore a trace of clarity.There seems to be a heat in the body is about to break out, the whole body stuffy afflictive, but still is soft soft feet have no strength, I suddenly raised a cry for help: “Xiao Hong…”Jade I open mouth, but no longer hair out of the voice, the heart knows he has pointed my dumb point, a burst of bitterness in the heart.But I heard him chuckle: “A girl like this wonderful people, how also learn those boudoir resentment women, do some not fashionable tricks.”That “touch jiao lu” it seems that gradually have swallowed my mind signs, but I did not send a voice, anxious face flushed forehead to see sweat, gas and vomit, suddenly a sword flash, such as stars and rain, to jade butterfly when the hood.Priority: Wei Juhuan is a little innocent, dissatisfied: “In the eyes of your Highness I am so reckless?”Then he asked, “How did your Highness punish her?She is a woman, and I thought your Highness would protect her.””No, she wants to hurt my people, I am not so generous.””Lukewarm with baby coldly way,” also did not how, was to find someone to frighten her once, in recent days she should not dare to go out again.The wind was light, but it was a disaster for Liu Yiyi.She was a dear lady of the prime minister’s house, who had been brought up in the palm of her hand, and had not yet suffered the crime of being taken away, and was frightened to death.About but an hour, the heart will leave a small shadow.Liu Yiyi wants to defend the life of huan, warm containing baby only gave her a little small scare.Wei huan heart a warm, never thought of the warm baby will come out for themselves, “it is not like your highness will do, your Highness will do great things.””That doesn’t mean watching you get bullied.”The original feeling of being protected by people, is also good, wei huan heart silently thinking.Wei Juhuan with temperature Hanying to see Shenyuan, shenyuan know all the shame, take the initiative to write a confession, to the temperature Hanying.At that time, he knew what he was doing was illegal, but in the face of profits, he compromised.Also knew that one day will lead to death, but did not want to turn the corner.He decided that this was a chance to redeem himself from god, and he could not miss it again.The disaster area can not control the disaster, the people were displaced, the relief funds were deducted from the disclosure, all point to the temperature of The baby, as the temperature of the maple wish.He is to let Wen Hanying lose the love of the father emperor, lose the trust of the officials, to pave the way for themselves.And the temperature of the baby neither humble nor arrogant for their own defense, that he was framed, things went unexpectedly to the temperature of the Maple, he found that wei Huanhuan betrayed himself.Fortunately, he had been prepared and had found a scapegoat.The court redistributed the money, this time with Wen Hanying in charge.Under the temperature of the maple angrily went to the Feng Yi palace, the queen saw him so, they dismissed the maid, relieved him: “I have heard of things, you also send so big fire.You should have gotten rid of Shim Yeon earlier. How could you have kept him so long without an accident?”Priority: A figure nimbly flashes out and stops Sheng Jinyue first: “Sister Sheng calm down!Don’t do it!”The girl who came forward was Yin Xiaoxiao!Yin Xiaoxiao is born general door, not only be good at riding shoot, skill also nimble, strength is quite big.One hand, firmly grasp the wrist of Sheng Jin Yue.Sheng Jinyue is angry, where listen to persuade, angrily shouted: “Yin xiaoxiao!It’s none of your business!Get out of my way!Stop me again, and I’ll catch you!”Yin xiaoxiao frowned, accentuate tone: “sheng elder sister!Today, you invited us to a press conference.Sister Xie is also a guest you personally invited.”‘You shouldn’t have done it anyway!In this way, who dare to climb the door of Huainan palace?”Xiao Yu han and Yin Xiaoxiao are the most good friends, feral days with a total retreat.Is to Xie Mingxi flatly, at this time also come forward: “Yin sister makes sense!Sheng elder sister calm down!”Li Xiangru is very dissatisfied with Xie Mingxi, at this time did not speak.Qin, who is gentle and introspective, frowns slightly and says softly, “Harmony is the most valuable thing!Sheng elder sister a little calm do not be impatient, what words slowly say is.”Yan Zhen also dislike shengjinyue’s domineering, pie pie way: “early know so, at that time not invite to Xie Mingxi is.Why make it so stiff and awkward!”Xie Yunxi is towards Sheng Jinyue.Only, a look at the present such situation, it is not appropriate to make public anger, lips moved, did not dare to speak.Sheng Jinyue again arrogant, but also the enemy of all together to blame!By Yin Xiaoxiao tightly clenched wrist bursts of pain.Sheng Jinyue was both angry and aggrieved, and blushed around her eyes: “You didn’t miss it just now!She deliberately instigated the wrath of the four emperors.Brother Four emperors must be angry with me…”Tears welled up in her eyes.Yin Xiaoxiao do not wish to fall the reputation of deceit, soon loose hand, matter-of – fact to say: “if you are not deliberately mention xie three younger sister concubine things, how can be Xie three younger sister seized language disease, borrow the situation to fight back?”Shengjinyue’s tears were choked back, the heart secretly angry.This Yin xiaoxiao, waste their usual regard her as a good friend.To this critical time, unexpectedly toward Xie Mingxi speak!Li Xiang-ru coughed softly and came out to settle the matter.A few trifles, big guys why angry.When it gets out, it becomes a joke.”(Click below to read for free) Today’s book list is shared here, do you like the type?If so, please pay attention to xiaobian and collection yo ~ we will be there or square next time!