Shanghai continues to refute rumors!

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A funeral home in Shanghai has asked citizens attending a memorial service to stay in quarantine.On the evening of March 31, an online message said, “A family held a memorial service at Baoxing Funeral Home, and one of them was nucleic acid positive. All the people attending the memorial service were not allowed to leave the funeral home”, and the rumor was based on “trucks sent beds and cotton blankets to the funeral home”.Many netizens questioned why people were allowed to gather for a memorial service during the screening period.Many fans have also asked the Shanghai-based rumour refuting platform whether the rumors are true or false.On April 1, Shanghai refuting rumors platform to the civil affairs bureau of the funeral management office confirmed that the online spread of the news is a rumor.At present, there is no quarantine in the baoxing funeral home to attend the memorial service, all the staff in the museum.Net transmission transport bed, quilts and other statements, in fact, the city’s Puxi area seal control, Bao Xing funeral home for the staff stationed during the relevant materials.The city will conduct nucleic acid tests in Puxi from 3 am On April 1 to 3 am on April 5, following nucleic acid tests in Pudong, Punan and neighboring areas, according to the funeral management office of the Civil Affairs Bureau.In the meantime, in order to effectively do a good job in the funeral service, Baoxing funeral home staff live in the unit standby, and ordered cots and quilts.On the afternoon of March 30, the store used a truck to deliver the pre-ordered sleeping kits to Baoxing Funeral Home. Passers-by saw the situation.Individual personnel guess and released relevant rumors, thus causing rumors.Shanghai nucleic acid tests for two citizens using the same swab?The video was not shot in Shanghai, nor did it record the whole journey.A cotton swab made two people, do when you see clearly!Baymax already has seven meat dishes and eight vegetables!Make sure you can see clearly when you’re doing it yourself.”Recently, a video with this warning appeared on social media platforms.The video appears to show a Shanghai health official taking throat swabs from two people in line using the same swab.Some netizens expressed concern and turned to the Shanghai refuting platform for confirmation.A close examination of the video by shanghai-based rumor refuting platform also found that the video did not fully record “the same cotton swab was put into the mouth of two different samplers”, and the photographer quickly moved away from the picture when he took the second sampler, so it is not possible to judge what happened after the video.Further verification revealed that the video was filmed not in Shanghai, but in Baicheng, Jilin province.According to the boiling Point video report, the staff of The Health Commission of Baicheng City, Jilin Province, explained the relevant video on March 31 that it was a local nucleic acid testing exercise, which mainly practiced the local nucleic acid testing queuing procedure, without actual testing.Shanghai refuting rumors platform again reminded, do not spread unverified video, news.When conducting nucleic acid tests, citizens are advised to follow the advice of the CDC to wear masks, keep a safe distance, and do not gather in crowds.Source: Liberation Daily · Shangguan News Editor: Wang Qian