Nanofiltration technology has advantages in removing pharmaceuticals and personal care products from water

2022-06-10 0 By

According to the paper “Research Progress on removal Technology of pharmaceuticals and Personal care products in water” published by The journal Of Environmental Protection Front, a large number of studies have been conducted on PPCPs pollution in water in China.At present, hundreds of PPCPs have been detected in surface water in China, among which the concentration of antibiotics is high. The Pearl River Basin and Liaohe River Basin are seriously polluted.If the antibiotics in the water have not been any treatment, or the removal effect is not good, with the accumulation of time, it will lead to the decline of human immune function, causing toxic damage to the body, resulting in cancer, lesions, body deformity, etc..To make matters worse, PPCPs contaminants have even been detected in our country’s tap water.Among them, 14 kinds of PPCPs organics were detected in Beijing tap water.If the tap water is not purified, these PPCPs contaminants can be drunk directly into the human body.In the long run, the consequences are frightening.Therefore, it is urgent to effectively remove PPCPs pollutants from water.Traditional water and wastewater treatment plants do not have a treatment process specifically for PPCPs, and existing treatment processes cannot completely remove PPCPs, which poses a major challenge to human safety.Scientists at home and abroad are also trying various methods to partially degrade or remove PPCPs.Membrane treatment technology, as the leader of physical pollutant removal methods, has more advantages in the removal of PPCPs in water than the above methods.Many studies have shown that nanofiltration can effectively remove PPCPs and other novel microcontaminants.Delanmelner membrane has a better intercintercability for organic matter with a molecular weight of 200~1000, and the molecular weight of most PPCPs is within the range.Nanofiltration membrane requires low pressure, and the membrane usually has an electric charge. It can realize the separation of different ions by virtue of the youonan effect on ions of different valence states through static electricity. In other words, nanofiltration is also a more economical method to remove PPCPs.In addition, nanofiltration separation is a “clean” separation technique (without by-products).Therefore, in the future, the removal of harmful substances and ensure the quality of drinking water has a promising application.Reprint please specify!