I’ve seen her. She’s dead

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“Flower heavy Brocade official city” coaglong [brief] Chang ‘an streets and alleys of all kinds of weird stories, a volume of a monster.Male master proud jiao son, female beauty little Taoist.Zhao Junhan was the third son of emperor Yuan, but he was forgotten early, and even a dog was not as good as he lived.When they first met, he hid behind the palace door and saw him in a laughing sound from the crotch of the eunuch, just for a bowl of stale rice porridge.Later, he was promoted step by step, had bullied her insult her people, he killed fast.3.28 into V, thanks for supporting the legitimate version.Watch guide: No rebirth no crossing, 1V1.Downtrodden prince X concubine.The heart of glass and the Madonna enter carefully.The hero is not good.Everyone tells me that as a girl, a man and a crime are not compatible.Chuchu small mouth a pouty, who said, push down the king of an prison in charge of what all have!Wang Ye lack of people to check the case, when the lack of man, wang Ye do not suspect chuchu born low temper straight, chuchu do not suspect wang Ye belly black body weak rules, very good, done, qi work ~!Chuchu (licking his lips) : My Lord, I’m hungry.”Qingyun Stage” of sink xiao [brief introduction] “I sink to be in wash skirt stage below stage, blood is quick flow, what think in the heart is however, that little girl, can never come.If it is…She did come, and I’ll just tell people I’ve seen her, and she’s dead.”Song Jianing grows charming and charming, remarries with mother guogong mansion, she strives to be dignified, but is still targeted by domineering stepbrother.Song Jianing secretly stuffed Zhao Heng with a lump of sugar: I am good to you, you have to back me up in the future.Zhao Hengsui supported her waist, all the way ronghua shared, national color shengxiang.