“Meet you at the beginning” set file, trailer information is huge, Dili reba black eyes into surprise

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When it comes to the most popular TV series in recent years, there must be a period fantasy series, with Three Lives Three Times Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, The Journey of Flower and Chinese Paladin among the outstanding ones.And the probability of this theme is very high, 2021 also emerged a lot of explosion, among them Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi starring “Douluo mainland”, the play during the broadcast although there is some controversy, but it is undeniable that its long-term occupation of the first position of the whole network heat.To this year, there is a “mirror · Twin Cities” starred by Li Yifeng, because there is a top flow support, even if the content quality is slightly inferior, but the heat has not been too big impact, is also hard to fight for the goose factory breath.At present some cool also took out the heavy new play “and jun early acquaintance”, the show set file on March 17, the trailer information is huge, female di Li reba black eyes into surprise.Big IP based extravaganza, create beautiful myth “and at the beginning of jun met” adapted from the nine heron “shark” the land of fragrant novel, tells the imperial spirit ShiJiYun grain (Dillon hot bar) at the request of the princess to tame chimaera people long (Ren Jialun), but in the process of getting along dark feelings for each other, and finally break every difficulty, the story together.The story trend of this drama is probably about the love story between man and shark. There are many similar films and TV works, such as Mermaid and Legend of Fish Chase, which are involved in this field.However, the play’s distinctive place lies in the male main set into a shark, and she early more is to walk the career route, good guy, set really take feeling.And the original work of the play in the fantasy world is also enjoy a certain status, the author of the “and phoenix line”, “protect the heart”, “canglan formula” and other works are also about to be film and television, enough to see the quality of the work is quite high.Show director chu yui-bun representative works of the fragrant honey heavy grains such as cream, is also a lot of fantasy fans in the heart of the white moonlight, beautiful scene set up with abuse relationship deep design stamp of the countless fans trailer Dillon hot incarnation royal master spirit, constrained under the spell on others, can’t get free, was forced into the cliffs above the fate.And male advocate is the chief of clan of shark person, carrying responsibility on the body, go all out for clansman spell a glimmer of life, all sorts of huge scene emerge in endlessly.The show also tends to be mythological and has a lot of special effects, as the trailer looks like a stream of magic rather than a half-dollar visual effect.All over the sky, the mysterious galaxy, are lined with the whole series is particularly fantastic, to the greatest extent to restore, I think the main film will be more shocking.Two leading actors cp sense of strong, Dili Reba eyes play online “Meet you at the beginning” casting is also absolutely, the two leading actors are top flow actors, heat this is not to worry about.Male director Jia Lun’s experience in costume is quite rich, starring in “Glory of tang dynasty”, “Under the Clothes” and “The Same as before” ushered in a big explosion.And Ren Jialun’s acting in many small life is also able to rank in the first few, this time in the play Ren Jialun challenge to play the male mermaid, is also quite a bit of fun, he played the character of long words simple, and perseverance.In the trailer, we can also see that the male protagonist is absorbed in the communication, sometimes frowning and showing confusion. The transition between expressions is extremely natural and delicate, and the character stands still. However, after experience, his temperament may also change, depending on the effect of the finished product.Heroine Dili reba, is also an acquaintance of the ancient fantasy, her representative works “Ancient sword strange Tan”, “three lives three times pillow book” are the theme.And Dilieba itself is a strong yan looks, wearing ancient clothes with fairy and gorgeous sense, easily seize the audience’s sight, the new play her shape changes a lot, but every scene is a feast for the eyes, give people the desire to follow the play.And this time Dilieba’s performance is indeed a bit of surprise. At first, there was more confusion in her expression. After being trampled and destroyed by many times, she finally strengthened her heart and her eyes became more confident and fierce after darkening.At the time of emotional outburst, she tried her best to show ruthless determination, and at the same time controlled the facial expression not to show fiercness, and delivered the character’s emotions accurately. Maybe this wonderful performance will help her win a number of fans again.The point is that although this is the first time for these two protagonists to cooperate, they seem to have a very tacit understanding. Even if there is not too much intimacy, they can also give people a sense of cp. With the setting of sensible characters, this pair of CP may be explosive.In addition, the drama also has Xiao Shunyao, Guo Xiaoting, Hu Yi xuan and other experienced actors, all kinds of handsome boys and girls, just this lineup won many episodes.All in all, “with gentleman at the beginning of acquaintance” also be single-hearted idea to want quality to do well, script and class all take hand, guarantee somewhat on plot quality so, want not demon to change water flood only, can harvest a wave of good impression absolutely, add appropriate adapt also can give the audience enough visual impact.Actor aspect is to top flow give top weight to, guaranteed heat, this play broadcast words should be able to achieve the expected effect, but just with Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi starring “the rest of my life, ask for advice” hit, the top flow of the face to face is true to attract expectations, so what you want to see is which one?