Hisense Puyue | big “set” Italy, playing new fun in the Year of the Tiger

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Schematic Diagram The Spring Festival is half way apart from the sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner, beautiful new clothes, wonderful Spring Festival movies, do you have any other ways to play?Hisense · Puyue specially creates multiple gameplay for you to play non-stop wonderful whole year!Game 1: catch county garden party in the new fine quality goods with all good carp | | wonderful auspicious flowers bloom | clever flavour alter | wonderful agent activity time good shop: 2022.2.3 2.6 activity location:Hisense · Puyue Marketing Center is full of fun, punch card to win the ceremony scene participate in punch card activities can receive movie tickets, New Year’s blind box gift schematic diagram wonderful lucky carp, born winners good luck gambling, happy ring, the God of wealth New Year, surprise digging treasure……Ponder new map fine quality goods with all childlike innocence hesui white night New Year begin with hand painted fairy art class diagram wonderful taste internationally, the food in the New Year New Year’s blessing food gift box and pored over schematic wonderful good shops, hisense quality meet life experience officer live ground shop, find the beauty of our yue life map play 2 park GongYuanShi community park lawn | | sunshine children wear forest trails activity time:Annual Venue:Explore theme children’s park Pick a weekend, accompany your children to explore the treehouse in the sky effect of about 600 square meters sunshine lawn and pets on the lawn a happy chase effect of about 500 meters walking path in the warm afternoon sun,Rolled up my family for a walk, rendering play around 3 games chang city bustling Zhang Cunhe, elephant hill park | ikea | vientiane hui (cap) activity time: annual activities where:, hisense brand, yue projects around the neighbor Zhang Cunhe, elephant mountain park, let the body and mind, at any time to open a short-distance travel map stroll ikea refined taste for the life, once a month for a good thing right map of vientiane hui business circle one-stop satisfy the heart of beer and skittles adds infinite new schematic figure play more to give life to reunions unlimited fun of rich urban life,Wonderful Hisense Real Estate, quality life starts in the New Year, warm heart accompanied by Hisense Puyue and you look forward to the future of the city to create a better life home