How to realize smart tourism?You need to do that

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Intelligent tourism is a new proposition derived from the development of information technology.With the support of the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies, new technologies and new models will be used to change all aspects of tourism, and tourism resources and information services will be integrated and developed systematically to promote the development of tourism.In the era of big data, the use of Internet and other resources to develop the tourism market has changed the original single tourism mode, promoted the construction of tourism culture, scenic spots and cities, innovated the tourism management mode, gradually changed the Chinese people’s tourism consumption habits into a modern mode, and opened up a new mode of tourism development.According to the prediction of the current situation of tourism development, the future development of smart tourism lies in service, information and intelligent technology provides tourists with all kinds of convenience.The needs of tourists will be development-oriented, and meeting the growing personalized needs of tourists will further promote the perfection and maturity of tourism.The development of smart tourism will seek breakthroughs in broader expansion and deeper extension, and be more rational and pragmatic.The realization of the wisdom of tourism need to do the following: 1, service wisdom wisdom tourism through scientific information organization and presentation, makes it easier to obtain travel information, tourists can help tourists make travel plans and better form travel decisions, improve tourist comfort and satisfaction, also bring visitors better travel safety and quality assurance.Smart tourism will realize the transformation from traditional tourism management to modern management.Through information technology, tourists’ activity information and business information of tourism enterprises can be grasped timely and accurately, so that the supervision of tourism industry can be changed from traditional passive processing and post-management to process management and real-time management.Relying on information technology, smart tourism actively obtains tourist information, forms a tourist data accumulation and analysis system, fully understands changes in tourist needs, suggestions and related information of tourism enterprises, and realizes scientific decision-making and management.Smart tourism mines tourism resources and tourist interest points through tourism public opinion monitoring and data analysis, and guides tourism enterprises to plan corresponding tourism products and develop corresponding marketing themes, so as to promote product innovation and marketing innovation of tourism.Through quantitative analysis and judgment of marketing channels, smart tourism can screen out marketing channels with obvious effects and long-term cooperation.In addition, smart tourism also makes full use of the communication characteristics of new media to attract tourists to actively participate in tourism communication and marketing, and gradually build a we-media marketing platform by accumulating tourist data and tourism product consumption data.Chengdu Yuanshi has been committed to two – and three-dimensional GIS technology and uav aerial survey services for many years.In terms of GIS, the system platform is deeply combined with the industry demand, and now there are complete industrial solutions in simulation, land asset management, population information management, smart mines, smart cities/parks and other industries.In terms of uav aerial survey, we have many years of aerial survey experience in southwest China, and now we have the production capacity of DLG, DOM, DEM, DRG, 3D real scene model and the full set of data results of airborne lidar.Learn about us: web search chengdu far stone