What is the way forward for Hong Kong?

2022-06-13 0 By

Hong Kong used to be very brilliant, its economic aggregate is even 10 times that of Guangdong Province, but now the economic aggregate is surpassed by mainland cities, the epidemic problem, Hong Kong’s future is uncertain.What is the way out for Hong Kong?In fact, Hong Kong has a future. It is backed by the mainland and has a fast-growing, huge economy to rely on, which other parts of Asia, such as Singapore and South Korea, cannot match.What are Hong Kong’s advantages? Hong Kong has come to this position mainly because Hong Kong does not cherish these advantages.As a matter of fact, as long as Hong Kong can closely rely on the mainland and closely cooperate with Guangdong and other neighboring regions for mutual benefit and common development, it is also necessary for Hong Kong to learn some economic development and management methods of the mainland.I believe that as long as Hong Kong can firmly rely on the mainland, it will surely regain its former glory.