Spring Festival I am on duty guard not closed

2022-06-14 0 By

In order to fully promote the “Escort safety 2022” social security crackdown and rectification special action, The West police station of Liangzhou Branch of Wuwei Public Security Bureau combined with the actual work, taking advantage of the favorable opportunity to return home during the Spring Festival peak, took the initiative to recently successfully captured 3 provincial Internet fugitives, and cracked a case of helping the letter and telecommunications fraud.On January 31, xi Da police station immediately organized elite police to carry out work according to the early warning instructions. Later, with the help of relevant departments, two fugitions were arrested by wulagai Public Security Bureau in Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on suspicion of fraud.At the same time, according to the suspect confessed to help a letter and telephone fraud case.February 7, the west police station police in the work found the Internet fugitives (suspected of fraud by the Public security bureau of Suizhou County in Henan Province to pursue the fugitives) in The city of Liangzhou activities, in the evening in the city of Liangzhou somewhere successfully captured.After interrogation, the suspect to its implementation of the criminal facts of fraud confessed.At present, the three suspects are temporarily detained in Liangzhou District detention center, waiting to be handed over to the police in Inner Mongolia and Henan.