Its new journey | building new era, many estate: to build the rural tourism rural complex just around the corner

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On the basis of “Duoduo Orange Garden”, the construction of “Duoduo Manor” is being promoted orderly, and a pastoral complex integrating home-stay tourism, leisure and entertainment, and garden picking experience is within sight.In Duoduo Orange Garden, you can see the tangerine trees all over the mountain, densely covered with round and full sweet fruits. The tangerine trees planted for 3 years in Duoduo Orange Garden ushered in the first fruit harvest. On April 7th, the garden officially opened for picking, with more than 50 workers picking and loading cars in a hurry.The park is expected to harvest more than 40 tons of mandarin oranges, of which more than 20 tons will be shipped to Shanghai and the remaining 20 tons will be picked by tourists.He Xiufang, 55 years old, lives in laowo Village and has to stay at home to take care of her grandchildren, so she can’t work outside the village. After the completion of the “Duo Duo Orange Garden” in the village, her family can work in the garden every year in addition to land transfer fees, with an average monthly income of about 3,000 yuan.”I have been working here for two or three years, and 100 yuan a day is enough for daily expenses.””He xiufang said.Zeng Guiming, a member of the laowo Village Orange Garden villagers’ group who works in the garden, is a skilled technician. He is responsible for fruit tree pruning, fertilization and other professional work. His monthly salary is 6,000 yuan.When duoduo Orange Garden was built, their family also planted more than 20 mu of Orange, which has been partly fruit.”I’ve been working here for almost three years. 6,000 yuan a month is enough for me.I will manage the orchard as well as I can.”Although it is already half a century old, zeng Guiming is full of expectations when he thinks of the good days ahead.Many orange groves by well-known electric business platform “spelling of” investment, technical support provided by the yunnan academy of agricultural sciences’ hot belongs to the village collective economy, advance (six years) before profit allocation of 20% as the new farmer performance incentives, 40% ownership by inputting tent card door, 20% to support the development of the village collective public affairs, 20% retained the cooperative development.Laowo village party general branch secretary, village committee director Zhang Lirong said: “the main purpose of building orange garden is to strengthen the village collective economy, and then rely on the village collective to drive the surrounding people to get rich together.”In order to effectively help rural revitalization, Laowo Town will further build more than 600 acres of manor, duoduo orange garden belongs to the first phase of the manor project, the second phase of the project is under construction.At present, duoduoyuan manor has completed construction of 300 mu, including orange garden, strawberry base, etc. In the second phase, 300 mu is expected to be built, and fruits, flowers and trees with different seasons will be planted, so as to drive people to work, land circulation to increase income, and surrounding rural tourists to increase income.”In the future, when you come here, you will have fruit to eat and beautiful scenery to see in every season. What we create is a pastoral complex integrating b&B, leisure and entertainment, and garden picking experience.”Zhang Lirong said.Lu Shuirong media reporter Hu Xinmeng, Yang Quan, Zhang Xiang, Zhang Jun, Correspondent Huang Yunfei