What you didn’t know about the Beijing Winter Olympics: Why curling is so full of screaming and friction

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Curling is one of the seven sports at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In curling arena, often hear athletes shout “ha ha ha” “I I I”, and follow curling athletes with ice brush crazy friction ice, for this so-called “ice chess” brain-burning sport added a trace of blood.”Friction” and “scream” are all about winning, and the reason for that is curling rules.Each side of the four-a-side curling competition consists of four main players and one substitute. Each side has 10 games and the competition duration is 150 minutes.In each game, the players on first to fourth bases will throw two stones each in order, and each team will throw a total of 16 stones alternately.The team leader is responsible for directing the teammates at the other end of the game to throw, and the two teammates who do not throw are responsible for wiping the ice.The “screamer” is usually the captain of the fourth base or the pitcher. They shout to their teammates to tell them whether to “rub”.”Ha ha ha” is actually the English word “Hurry!”Or short for Hurry hard, which means to wipe the ice quickly;Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa!Why “friction”?The ice surface of curling is special, with “drops of water”.Before the game, the ice maker uses a sprinkler-like tool to spray water evenly on the smooth surface of the ice. When the water condenses on the ice, it forms ice spots to increase the friction between the ice and the curling stone.The skater can use the ice brush to quickly rub and melt the ice on the track, thus forming a thin layer of water film, reducing the friction between the curling and the track, making the curling faster.On the ice track, the curling track thrown by the athlete is an arc. By rubbing the ice to melt the ice, the direction of the curling stone can be affected, and finally the curling stone arrives at the specified position.Seemingly simple “friction” can affect the outcome of almost every throw and requires a high level of concentration.Under the joint efforts of the commander, the pot-thrower and the ice eraser, the tactical objectives can be finally achieved.Therefore, team members must have a high degree of understanding.Why do I need to scream for instructions?The standard curling arena is more than 40 meters long (the distance between the two end lines), the track is far, and four teams on four tracks play at the same time, if you do not shout, teammates may not hear clearly;The size of the shout can sometimes indicate how hard a teammate is rubbing the ice, and it can also play a cheering role, cheering for a teammate.In addition to simple English instructions, Chinese athletes will also give some Chinese instructions, such as “add force”, “wipe”, “tap”, “light pass” and so on.’Top line’ and ‘down line’ are also common instructions, with ‘top line’ meaning ‘sweep the line straight’ and ‘down line’ meaning to make the line more curved.In addition, it is common to hear the commanding team at the end of the game where the base camp is located issue the command of “how many seconds in a certain zone”.”Area” refers to dividing the area from the front line to the end of the base camp into 10 areas. For example, “Area 3” means that the pot is expected to stay in area 3.The “second” is the time it takes for the pot to pass through the ice channel between the two front lines, which is used to control the throwing force of the thrower.Curling is the sport with the largest number of events, the longest schedule and the longest single-day competition in the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to the schedule, the gold medal will be decided in mixed doubles on August 8.The men’s and women’s foursomes will be held on May 9 and 10, respectively, and the gold MEDALS will be awarded on May 19 and 20, respectively.Reprint: Xinhua News Agency Editor: Fan Jing Responsible Editor: Wang Bumi Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.