One gold and two silver in one day!We won clean!Gu Ailing made an excellent debut and is expected to win another gold medal

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, many events have already started, and the final medal race is coming. This competition day will produce more gold MEDALS than the day before, and some strong representative teams on snow and ice will challenge for the championship.China has already won its first gold medal in team short-track speed skating, and the team members are hoping to repeat their medal challenge in individual events.As the competition progressed, many events began, and the freestyle skiing grand jump qualification was held.Gu is competing in three events at the Olympics. She is a freestyle skier. The big jump is not her forte, but she can definitely make it into a medal.On February 7, Beijing time, Gu Ailing made her debut at the East Olympic Games in the qualification of the big platform, attracting much attention as the strongest female athlete.Gu performed well in the first round, scoring 89.00 and placing third in her group.Gu made a mistake in the second round, but it did not affect her form and she smiled in front of the cameras.Third round GuAiLing play better, got the score of 72.25, with a final total fourth successful promotion, 8 will decide the freestyle skiing women’s big platform, GuAiLing debut performance is very good, in the case of the second round of mistakes can still came in fourth, strength, GuAiLing opportunity for the Chinese team won a gold medal again.China’s second medal came from Su Yiming, who took silver in the men’s snowboard slopestyle event with a smooth and steady performance.Su Yiming is 17 years old this year, is also the Best result of the Chinese team in this project, a genius out of the teenager, I believe there will be a greater breakthrough in the future, he has the strength to impact the gold medal.Many people who follow the Winter Olympics may not know that Yi Ming Su is the actor of the small pin in the taking of Tiger Mountain. She is the kid who is very good at skiing. In order to prepare for the Winter Olympics, she gave up the opportunity to be an actor.”I have to focus 100 percent of my energy on what I want to do.”Su chose the actor or the professional athlete, and her hard work paid off. In the end, Su set China’s best record in the event and won a precious silver medal.Night with an exciting project, it is the men’s 1000 m short track speed skating, with four players of the Chinese team in this project, which has already won the gold medal of all and Wu Dajing (short track speed skating team gold), and in their promotion of the group is very difficult, Wu Dajing almost no promotion to the final, South Korea players foul,Players from other countries also committed fouls of varying degrees. Finally, the referee on duty made a fair and just decision with the help of electronic device “Cheetah”, and Wu advanced smoothly to the final, while the Korean players failed to reach the final due to fouls and lack of strength.In men’s 1000m short track speed skating, Ren Ziwei won the gold medal, Li Wenlong won the silver medal, Wu Dajing finished fourth, it was a very good result, The Chinese team swept the top two, Wu Dajing also almost won a medal.This is ren’s second Winter Olympics medal and hopefully he can maintain his form and challenge for the next one.Li Wenlong, from Shandong province, made it the first time a Shandong athlete has won a medal at the Winter Olympics after winning the silver medal.One day The Chinese team won 1 gold and 2 silver, the results are very excellent, the most important thing is that we won clean, we won aboveboard, but also won the respect of the opponent.Su was actually underscored by the Canadian judge, who scored a few points lower each time in the same round, resulting in su losing the gold medal in favor of Canadian Max Parrott.After the race, Su yiming was satisfied with the result. He said he just had to show his style and was happy with the silver medal.The Chinese team also suffered a lot of fouls in the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating. Netizens joked that it was not skating but a touch competition, and there were always different degrees of fouls. The Korean athletes were disqualified because of the fouls.In the final, Chinese Hungarian Liu Shaolin blocked Ren ziwei with a direct crosscut, an obvious foul and a dangerous move.Liu also tried to stop Ren ziwei from overtaking, but Ren ziwei kept his hands behind his back for fear of affecting others.There were wins and losses, but we all won cleanly. Even many foreign netizens praised us. They all said That Su yiming should have won the gold medal.