Guizhou Sansui Rural Commercial Bank held the 2022 work conference

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On the afternoon of February 8, guizhou Sansui Rural Commercial Bank 2022 work conference was held in the conference room on the fifth floor.Ears agri-businesses bank Wu Yongze, party secretary of party committee, vice secretary of Shi Yunqi, party committee member, discipline inspection commission secretary Bai Heng, party committee, deputy governor of Xu Hongtao, party committee Wang Yuzheng, trade union chairman Chen Shoutao, assistant governor, board secretary Xu Jing and other leaders to attend, each branch, the head of the department office, accounting operations director and part of all the workers’ representatives to attend the meeting,Wang Huaqing, president of Sansui Sub-branch of People’s Bank of China, and Wang Musong, deputy leader of Sansui Supervision Group of Qiandongnan Banking Security Supervision Sub-branch were invited to attend the meeting, which was presided over by Wang Yuzheng.At the scene of the meeting, the spirit of the fourth meeting of the second session of the Provincial Association of Cooperatives and the spirit of the provincial Agricultural credit Working Meeting and the spirit of the 2022 annual working meeting of the prefectural Agricultural Credit Was first conveyed.Later, Bai Heng delivered a work report on supervision and Discipline enforcement in 2021 and made arrangements for the work in 2022. Shi Yunqi delivered a work report entitled “Focus on the Target, Overcome difficulties and Strive for High-quality Development”, comprehensively summarizing the work in 2021 and arranging the work in 2022.Wu Yongze made a speech entitled “focus on the main industry to seek new chapter to lay a solid foundation and take new steps to complete the annual target tasks with high quality and strive for”.Conference pointed out that: in 2021, three ear bank of agribusiness in the provincial association of the party committee, province audit center, under the strong leadership of the party committee in the ears of the county, the county government under the strong support, always adhere to seek improvement in stability work tone, surrounding the provincial association “1234” overall request, unity, overcome difficult, each work steadily push forward, development of high quality made some achievements.The meeting stressed:Earnestly implement the provincial association, audit center development planning guidelines, in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements, adhere to seek improvement in stability, stability good work always tone, surrounding the provincial association “6255” overall strategy and “136” digital strategy, in accordance with requirements of the “four make two grasp”, stepping stones to leave, catch the iron has a mark of style, time and tide wait for no man, bear of the world,For the construction of temperature, speed, depth of the people’s own bank in Sansui and strive!The meeting decided to realize the “Double Eight” in 2022 and strive to achieve the “double ten”;The non-performing loan ratio should be kept below 4%, the delinquency rate of new loans within 2%, the capital adequacy ratio at least 11%, and the provision coverage rate at least 150%.Income of all items increased by more than 5%, “two ratings” made steady progress, stratified and classified assessment was greatly improved in this policy, and historical problems were gradually solved to ensure safe and sound operation for the whole year.During the meeting, the target responsibility statement of 2022 Party conduct and clean government construction and the comprehensive target responsibility statement of 2022 were signed.In addition, the advanced units and advanced individuals that take the first and second place in the first and second place in the second group of 2021 comprehensive target assessment will be commended and awarded.Wang Musong, deputy leader of Sansui Supervision Group of Qiandongnan Banking And Insurance Supervision Sub-branch, and Wang Huaqing, president of People’s Bank of China Sansui County Sub-branch, were invited to the meeting to make speeches from their respective supervision perspectives.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: