Jilin’s most delicious bowl of rice, 3 yuan to eat full 10 yuan to eat well, outsiders have not heard more did not eat

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Jilin City in Jilin Province is a city with great northern characteristics. The food here has a strong Korean flavor. There are many special foods that outsiders have never heard of, let alone eaten, such as soup and rice.Soup and rice is a typical Korean cuisine, which is eaten together with rice mixed in soup. Beef soup and rice is the most famous and can be called the most delicious bowl of rice in Jilin City. There are many delicious beef soup restaurants in Jilin City, and this restaurant is the best among them, which is well-known in the local area.The restaurant is open from 6am to 9pm, and any time you drop in you can have a bowl of hot beef soup and rice.It has been open for a long time. The door is not big, but there are so many people that they have to queue for meals. Fortunately, the table rate is high, so it won’t take long.A good restaurant does not need an environment, because customers do not care, just to eat hard.The shop is small, but all the five viscera, because there are many people, many of them are for themselves, the cost is very high, the average person can eat and drink enough for ten yuan, the winter is warm, really full of vitality.The door is to cook beef soup place, a big pot of beef bones boil, smell very sweet, the wall is covered with menus, you can order whatever you want to do not step on the lei point.Beef soup and rice are divided into beef clear soup and meat, clear soup is 3 yuan a bowl, there is no taste, it is pure bone soup, salt, MSG, chicken essence, pepper need to add, simply with scallions and coriander.The rice is 2 yuan per bowl. You can eat it straight in the soup. It’s a perfect match.If the taste is heavy, remember to match the cooked chili oil in the store. It is fragrant but not spicy, rich in taste and makes people eat more comfortable.10 yuan 1 a bowl of meat version of meat to much, you can also choose beef mixed rice, if you don’t bother, order a bowl of clear soup, and then a small piece of hand-torn beef, the weight is more than direct point beef soup rice.However, I suggest you not to order meat, because the free beef sauce in the shop can be eaten at will, which is big fresh beef. The price is 33 yuan per bottle, and you can eat all you want, which is 3 yuan for clear soup and 2 yuan for rice with free beef sauce.However, their meat is really too fragrant, so everyone can not control the points, fried eggs in sauce, chili fried beef, sauerpickled vegetables fried beef, beef torn by hand are very popular.The proportion of green Onions and eggs in fried eggs is the same. The green onion flavor is full, and the sauce flavor is also very strong.Hand-torn beef has 9 yuan of 17 yuan of 25 yuan and 31 yuan, the difference is the amount of meat, the cooked beef and green onion salad, chili oil and sesame oil rich fragrance, very appetizing, and the amount of meat is really enough, 9 yuan a dish is enough for two people to eat.Their house can also free to add soup, Fried beef, routine and cold dish, meet all kinds of people, but also can be divided into small and large, a person eat to also won’t waste, except when there were so many people will come very crowded, lead to the store Boyle’s attitude is bad, often easy to black, no other shortcomings, don’t know that you have met this kind of soup with rice?Want to give it a try?