Leapfrom-experience of improving teaching ability construction of “Educating People for War” in Army Artillery Air Defense Academy

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Students conduct live fire assessment.Lian Xin/Photo “Report expert, finished teaching…”As the score of the last contestant was displayed on the big screen, an unforgettable result appeared in front of everyone: the army Artillery air Defense Academy won all three teaching competitions!The PLA Artillery And Air Defense Academy has scored a good result in the “Star of Education 2021” competition held at the end of 2021.”The achievement of excellent results is due to the implementation of the teaching ability improvement project of the College, and the continuous improvement of teaching ability of the faculty.”College leaders introduced that in recent years, the college has been on the “fast track” to improve the teaching level by unifying the idea of “cultivating people through virtue”, focusing on the teaching of “educating people for war” and promoting reform by aiming at training goals.In July 2017, the PLA Artillery Air Defense Academy was established in a wave of reform.The majority of faculty members firmly support the reform with no complaints and no regrets, and many touching deeds have emerged.However college face the reality of the difficulties is also evident: personnel into the big, structure outsize, overstrength more than 1 times, especially in the face of muddleheaded, shunt, reduce preparation, ZhuanWen pressure, ideological contradictions highlighted problem, some faculty at hundreds of kilometers and moved, settled down some very not easy, at once again want to face a choice.At that time, more than half of the party secretaries and deputy secretaries of the teaching and research units of the College needed to be adjusted due to age and other reasons. Some of the new secretaries had their military and party years inverted, and some had not undergone special training, post training and organization quenching.In the face of a myriad of tasks, the Party Committee of the institute is determined to start with party building, consolidate the foundation of teaching and research unit construction, and put forward the construction idea of “Grasping party building to promote teaching, tackling difficulties and cultivating talents”.To this end, the Party Committee of the College has formulated a series of talent incentive mechanisms, which will put young backbones with strong politics, professional skills and outstanding problem-solving ability into the frontline of teaching and scientific research, and train and select a group of innovative top-notch talents for leadership positions, so as to pass on the fire of teaching and scientific research construction.”The full trust and support of the College Party Committee is the biggest motivation for our work!”Some teaching and research office major lecturer Gao Lilong through open selection on the teaching and research office director post, teaching and research office work soon ushered in a new situation.On the basis of the selection of good people, they formulated and issued “measures to strengthen the construction of the” double leaders “team in teaching and research units”, through strengthening the construction of the branch secretary team, and constantly strengthen the party building work in teaching and research units.Every year, the institute organizes regular training for fifth-level Party committee (branch) secretaries, and arranges grassroots Party branch secretaries to give lectures on topics such as “establishing a good appearance of Party organization secretaries in the new era”, “building organizational team and improving managers’ ability”, by means of problem-introduction teaching and case-analysis discussion.Details about branch meeting minutes, party member development procedures, branch committee issues determination and other content, sorting out a clear “flow chart” of party affairs work, guide everyone to combine professional research and department management, to achieve coordinated development of Party affairs and business.The leadership of the institute said that they specially organized the training, in order to guide the party branch secretaries of grassroots units to reflect on the spirit of the CENTRAL Military Commission grassroots construction conference, clear focus on grassroots construction ideas, improve grassroots self-construction ability.Under the new situation, with the increase of research and training tasks in the army, some experts and teachers of the College have been on long-term missions, posing new challenges to the party building work.The college organized and set up a temporary Party branch in a timely manner, strengthened the education and management of floating Party members, and made new breakthroughs in party building in adapting to the situation.In June 2021, designated by the superior, the college selected 8 professional teachers to go to the plateau for the task forces to “send classes to the door”, designated to set up a temporary Party branch, and took advantage of the opportunity to send classes for teachers to talk about the Party.Finally, the mission of sending students to school was successfully completed, and the troops sent letters of thanks to praise the profound knowledge, rigorous style and enthusiastic service of the faculty.”What kind of talents are needed for war?What do talents need?”In order to make clear this fundamental problem related to the development direction of the college, the college took the ability analysis as the lead, and promoted the curriculum construction backward. According to different training objects, they determined 50 first-level abilities required for the post, and refined more than 160 second-level abilities combined with the actual situation of each major, and formed the knowledge ability matrix.Professor Bao Xuefeng of the academy has been deeply researching self-propelled artillery for more than 30 years. He knows all kinds of models and data of self-propelled artillery from hand to hand.The course “Principles of Self-propelled Artillery” taught by him has been rated as “the most popular course for students” and is worthy of the name “master” of this major.Who also did not expect is, as the curriculum reform to advance, this course was included in the ranks of the cancellation.For a while, the conscientious professor, who loved his job, could not change his mind: “This course is a mature and effective excellent course. Although the teaching object has been changed to non-commissioned officers and cadets, isn’t the artillery major still there?Every class, sergeant students also listen with relish?”However, Professor Bao xuefeng tried to compare the supporting ability of this course with the matrix of students’ knowledge ability one by one, and finally found no match to his dismay.”How time abandons you without even saying hello!”He said, “After working as an expert in teaching supervision for more than ten years, I did not expect the rapid development of the situation. What was once a ‘golden course’ turned into a ‘water course’.Did not say, obey the request, resolutely change!”Professor Bao xuefeng issued a military decree and led his team members into the course reform, reviewing new teaching plans and compiling new textbooks…When she was busy, zhang Wei, a member of the team, “stood up” with her children for five consecutive weekends. She could only leave a sorry sentence on the phone: “Time is tight and the task is heavy. Mom will come back next time!”After a year of intensive preparation by team members, a brand new course of “military theoretical knowledge” was presented in front of officers and soldiers. “This course supports 12 capacity building in 3 categories of trainees, and directly refers to the needs of the battlefield. It is a genuine ‘war course’.”Judging experts gave the course unanimous praise, and the course lived up to expectations, once again topping the “student favorite list”.The successful completion of curriculum transformation by Bao Xuefeng team is the epitome of the college’s deepening curriculum transformation.The college comprehensively sorted out more than 100,000 knowledge and ability points of more than 400 courses (special topics), organized three rounds of review by leaders and experts and trial teaching of knowledge and ability points, timely optimized and adjusted more than 260 courses, resolutely eliminated “water courses” and “human courses”, and continuously purified the “gold content” of courses.”Curriculum reform is a process of ‘strong men breaking their wrists’.””The familiar road is blocked, and the new road is full of thorns.Only through the past, is really responsible for the students, responsible for the institutions, responsible for the battlefield.”The course design of Jianqiang talent team aims at the target of “educating people for war”. The next “tough battle” is to cultivate a large number of excellent teachers who adapt to “educating people for war”.Mu Chenying, a civilian teacher, studied in China Agricultural University. She dreamed of military barracks since her childhood and also loved teaching.In 2019, after working hard to prepare for the exam, she was admitted to the college with excellent results and became a glorious military barracks “Peacock Blue”.After entering the company, Mu Chenying made great efforts to collect materials, draw up teaching plans, make courseware and give trial lectures by herself…She took the initiative to apply for a lecture and accepted the inspection of the expert group.But I did not expect the stage gushing, the audience is more and more silent.”The war smell is not strong and the name is not ‘jun'” “Full of ‘one-man show’…”The experts’ comments made Mu chenying blush with shame.”Young faculty enthusiasm is not a bad thing, appropriate guidance will be able to progress quickly.”Her teaching and research office worked together to set up a mutual help group to help mu Chenying.Demonstrate lecture skills, instruct lecture content, encourage participation in competitions…From “every step” to “coherent action”, Mu Chenying regained confidence, his academic background and practical advantages began to appear, not only in the subsequent teaching competition won the third prize, at the end of that year was also rated as “four have” outstanding civilian staff.In recent years, the institute has constructed a new teacher training system project, extending the growth cycle of new teachers before they come to the platform, setting a probation period of not less than 1 year, and implementing “two stages and three levels” training:Pre-job training and on-the-job “mentoring” two stages, department (department) from the training, training, integration of campus college training three levels, really makes new teachers “first stick” run good faculty career, walk at the beginning of the “teaching”, has nearly 300 new teachers to organize three batch of anhui normal university for pre-service training, greatly improve the ability of the new faculty quality.New teachers to increase training, backbone teachers also have “tailored”.During the summer vacation, the college organized 200 key teachers to go to Beijing Normal University for training, so that key teachers at all levels can increase their knowledge, broaden their vision and improve their ability.Mentors help guide the orientation, special training ability to improve, as a soldier on behalf of the battlefield……Through pre-job training, teaching evaluation, honor incentive, situation feedback, treatment guarantee and other systems and mechanisms, the teaching and research ability of the college has achieved an overall improvement:Cultivated in the new era military honors research “and so on six topics for all good results in the study of political theory” in a certain type of surface to air missile firing command “and other two courses was named the national first-class undergraduate courses, students are more than 300 people in jousting competition awards,” a study of operational effectiveness and accurate fire use and so on a series of important scientific research achievements into battle effectiveness “multiplier”.Source: China Youth Daily