Yueyang Building district: joint meeting to implement the system to protect spring buds

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In order to effectively strengthen the comprehensive judicial protection of minors, timely and effective prevention and punishment of crimes against minors, On March 17, led by yueyanglou District Political and Legal Committee,The District Procuratorate, together with the District Supervision Commission, the District Education Bureau, yueyanglou Public Security Sub-bureau, the District Civil Affairs Bureau, the District Justice Bureau, the District Health Bureau, the District Youth League Committee, the District Women’s Federation and other relevant functional departments, held a joint meeting on the compulsory reporting system and employment inquiry system for cases against minors.At the meeting, the office of Non-prosecution made a special effort to understand the background, significance, role and content of the opinions on the Establishment of compulsory Reporting System for Cases against minors jointly issued by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and other departments.The relevant persons in charge of the participating units jointly countersigned the “Yueyang Building District Compulsory Reporting System for cases against minors work Consultation mechanism” and “Yueyang Building District yueyang City on the implementation of the Employment inquiry system for the staff in units with close contact with minors”.They all agreed that it is not only necessary but also timely for the building district Procuratorate to hold a joint meeting on the implementation of the compulsory reporting system, and indicated that they will continue in-depth cooperation with the procuratorial organs to jointly implement the compulsory reporting system and promote the establishment of a coordinated, orderly and comprehensive prevention system for the protection of minors.District procuratorate party secretary and the attorney general zhong-wei he said the district people’s procuratorate will continue to innovative work methods, strengthen supervision over mandatory report clues disposal of tracking, implement the infringement case of minors “report” every case will check system, establish the implementation check mechanism, supervise and urge relevant departments to strengthen responsibility, make mandatory reporting system “teeth”,Escort for the healthy growth of minors.Feng Jing, deputy secretary of the District Political and Legal Committee, stressed that first, to strengthen ideological understanding, fully understand the significance of mandatory reporting system, the formation of effective protection of minors ideological consensus;Second, deepen the study of the system, strengthen the understanding and application of the mandatory reporting system, and clarify the division of responsibilities of all member units and departments;Third, strengthen the linkage between departments, all units actively perform their duties, timely transfer clues, enhance information sharing, form a joint work force, and jointly promote the implementation of the compulsory reporting system for cases of infringement on minors.Tips What is mandatory reporting?The so-called compulsory reporting system refers to the system whereby state organs, all kinds of organizations and employees exercising public power authorized by laws and regulations should immediately report to the public security organs, civil affairs, education and other relevant departments if they find that minors have suffered or are suffering from illegal infringement or are facing the danger of illegal infringement.Who needs to report?The subject of compulsory report is “all kinds of organizations that have close contact with minors”, which refers to enterprises and public institutions, grassroots self-governing organizations and social organizations that have special responsibilities for minors in education, nursing, medical treatment, aid and guardianship, or are qualified to have close contact with minors even though they do not have special responsibilities.What types of situations should be reported?According to the Opinions, there are 9 categories of cases where minors have suffered or are suspected to have suffered unlawful infringement, and relevant units and individuals should report them immediately.(2) a female minor under the age of 14 has suffered or is suspected to have suffered sexual assault, pregnancy or abortion;(3) the pregnancy or abortion of a female minor over the age of 14 resulting from or suspected of sexual assault;(4) The minor has suffered multiple physical injuries, severe malnutrition, unconsciousness, or has been or is suspected to have been subjected to domestic violence, bullying, maltreatment, beating or being drugged;(5) the minor is disabled or dies due to abnormal causes such as suicide, self-injury, industrial injury, poisoning, being anesthetized or beaten;(6) minors have been abandoned or left unattended for a long time;(7) discovering a minor whose origin is unknown, missing or who has been abducted and sold or bought;(8) finding that minors are organized to beg;(9) other circumstances that seriously infringe upon the physical and mental health of minors or that minors are in danger of unlawful infringement.The message transferred from the official number: Yueyang Lou District people’s Procuratorate