Animal beauty map (a) : rich senior face of the “catfish”, Ni Ni Ding Cheng Xin are

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In addition to the common charm hanging “cat is beautiful”, there are “dog”, “fox” and all kinds of unexpected animal is beautiful!Today let us take a look first, “catfish” looks have what characteristics?A combination of a high, straight nose, thick lips and a pointed chin is one of the most striking features of the catfish look.Ni Ni said catfish department of the first thought of female star, must be “world-weary senior face”, the red carpet killer Ni Ni.Ni Ni’s eyes are wide apart, giving the impression of being cold and weary of the world. This kind of appearance can easily bring about an advanced and story-filled temperament.At the same time, her fuller lips added a touch of charm to her face, cool but not harsh.Dish hair, “catfish” beauty of the advantage is also very prominent, light department facial features in the face neat and white spread, look very comfortable.Catfish women are best suited to “big red” lip color and all kinds of exaggerated and shiny facial accessories.No matter how hard it is, it won’t be vulgar.Slightly upturned natural eyeliner can also amplify the advantage just right.As charming, cats are cooler, while catfish are cooler.Among the male stars, Ding Chengxin also belongs to catfish, a typical handsome boy ~ thick and full lips, plus a small delicate chin.His nose was straight, but round.This kind of look is not only easy to advanced, but also very friendly.Compared with Ni Ni’s long and narrow eyes, Xiaoding’s eyes are closer and rounder, which looks more innocent and gentle.What doesn’t change is that such a face always conjures up keywords like “cold, lonely and story-like.”So catfish looks really good as an actor!Every minute into the play, and can imagine a story of 10,000 words.I have to say, this kind of handsome guy is really suitable for this kind of crisp upperclassman hair, clean and friendly!