Good start!China lit up the venue on the first day of the Winter Olympics by winning the gold medal in the short-track mixed relay

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Beijing, Feb. 5 (Chinamail) — The Chinese short-track speed skating team won the gold medal in the mixed 2000 meter relay of men and women at the Winter Olympics after three rounds of competition, which is the first gold medal in the history of the Winter Olympics.On the first gold medal day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, a total of six gold MEDALS were awarded today. The first gold medal of the Winter Olympics was decided on the cross-country skiing course, which was won by Norway’s Thrace Johaiuge.China sent wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu to the final of group A of the mixed 2000-meter short-track relay.After the semifinals, The Chinese team was more composed and paid more attention to the handling of baton transfers. Ren Ziwei and Qu Chunyu overtook their rivals in consecutive strokes to put the Chinese team in the lead with 12 laps to go.The Hungarian and Canadian teams fell in the middle of the match, and Ren ziwei took advantage of the acceleration to gradually increase China’s advantage.The last leg of the player Wu Dajing withstood the pressure, the first to cross the line, got the first gold Chinese legion.The Chinese team in the first day of the gold medal played a triumphant song of victory, ushered in a good start.China’s short track speed skating event was full of accidents and accidents. The Netherlands, who had just set the best time of the Winter Olympics, stumbled in the semifinals of the 2000 meter mixed speed skating relay and almost missed the final.In the semifinals, China replaced Fan Kexin with Zhang Yuting, while the other players remained unchanged.China, who suffered from their opponents’ influence during the handover, finished third in their group.After the game, after the unanimous decision of the referee group, the Russian Olympic Committee team and the United States team were fouled for blocking, and China advanced to the group A final with the second breathtaking.China also fielded a luxury lineup of Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu in the quarterfinals, giving Italy and South Korea stiff competition.Finally The Chinese team won the group first with absolute advantage and successfully advanced.China’s rival South Korea fell to third place in the group and failed to advance to the semifinals.Looking back at the history of The Chinese Winter Olympics, the short track speed skating team is the gold medal winner, but also needs to bear a lot of pressure.The short track skaters cried after winning their first gold medal.”After 12 years of waiting, I always believe in the team.From the day I joined the national team, I believed in my teammates and the strength of the team.Wu Dajing also cried red eyes after the game: “very relieved!These four years have been too many……”It is worth mentioning that all five short-track speed skaters competed in the heats of their individual events before this event.In the women’s 500-meter heat, Fan Kexin took the lead and ranked first in her group. Zhang Yuting and Qu Chunyu also ranked second in their group.In the men’s 1000 meters heat, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing are absolutely successful promotion.Li Wenlong, making his winter Olympics debut, also qualified despite the pressure to finish fourth out of third in all eight groups.In the preliminary rounds of both events, all Chinese players advanced to the next round.The first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics was won in the women’s cross-country skiing double pursuit (7.5km traditional technique + 7.5km free technique) at 15:45pm.Trice Joherg of Norway won her fourth Gold medal in the women’s cross-country skiing double chase in 44 minutes 13.7 seconds.Russian Olympic Committee member Natalia Nepriaeva won the silver medal, while Austria’s Teresha Stadlerbel took bronze.In the snowboard women’s slopestyle qualifying event this morning, China’s Young Rong Ge failed to qualify after two rounds of mistakes.Jung, who was born in 2002, was the only host athlete to qualify for the event. In the 2021-22 IAF Snowboard World Cup in Switzerland, Jung qualified for the final and finished eighth.She also made history by becoming the first Chinese athlete to reach the World Cup final in this event.Jung won the second gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the women’s 3,000-meter speed skating event, which ended On Sunday afternoon.Irenes Hauten of the Netherlands skated 3 minutes 56.93 seconds to win, setting a new Winter Olympics record.Ahanar Adak of China was the first to finish 17th after skating 4:12.28.Han Mei, another Chinese skater in group 7, skated 4:07.74 and ranked 15th.Although the two Chinese players did not win MEDALS, they broke through themselves.Two Chinese skiers, Dong Bing and Peng Qingyue, failed to advance to the final round of the women’s individual standard ski jumping in the first round.Both played as well as they could in the competition, finishing 31st and 38th.The top 30 players advance to the final round, with Dong missing by only one.Meanwhile, Zhao Yang, the first Chinese athlete to compete in the men’s moguls event at the Winter Olympics, skated his personal best score of 64.95 in the second round of competition on Feb 5 night, but failed to qualify for the final.For China’s moguls and zhao Yang, who has been there for 14 years, the result meant more than just the numbers on the scoreboard.(Figure from network)