Grandma does not know how to debug the computer. There is a group of social workers in Jinshan district of Shanghai

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The paper reporter Yu Kai correspondent Yin Jieru Linyuan Neighborhood committee social worker Wang Yan visited to debug the computer, for children and grandmother guidance of the class process.This article pictures are provided by Shanghai Jinshan district “aunt, brother, I come, have you tried to login?”At about 7:40 a.m. on March 14, Wang Yan, a social worker in Linyuan residential area, Zhujing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, came to the home of Aunt Meng, a resident of Linyuan Sancun, to do computer debugging for her grandson before the online class. The child and grandmother watched carefully.This is not the first time they have seen Wang Yan give a presentation.On the afternoon of the 13th, Wang Yan handed over the notes and class schedule carefully arranged to Aunt Meng, and downloaded the necessary class software on aunt Meng’s grandson’s tablet computer in advance.”Really thank you little girl, come again, for me to solve a big problem, I now this brain for children tube eat tube drink also ok, this high-tech really half will learn impossibility.”Aunt Meng said.A few days ago, she recalled, she got a call from her daughter, who entrusted her with a job overseeing her children’s online classes.It would have been nice to be with her grandson every day, but not being able to use a computer put her in a difficult position.Said party secretary Xu Qian source in the residential area, since the “city elementary and middle schools is adjusted for online teaching, kindergartens, stop the children into the garden” since the announcement of the source area, and meng aunt had similar concerns as the old man is not a few, sons and daughters are families where both parents work, during the period of “online teaching” need help grandparents, the “important task” to let the old people were mixed,Worry is not the operation of the computer, afraid of delaying children’s learning.Grassroots governance under the epidemic needs “precision” and “temperature”.In the face of the new demand, linyuan residential district party branch took the initiative to step forward, ranking the number of children by grandparents to care for online classes, recording families with computer operation difficulties, neighborhood committee social workers also carried out full training in advance.Social workers visited aunt Meng to explain the “online classroom” curriculum schedule and matters needing attention.At 18:30 on March 12, an online parents’ meeting on “epidemic prevention and control and online teaching” was held as scheduled. The social workers of Linyuan Neighborhood Committee gathered in a circle and watched carefully, including wang Yan, who is unmarried, and Jin Ye Cong, who is newly married.For the first parent-teacher meeting in their life, they remember to be very serious. “After 8:20, they read early on their own, and then they logged in to learn in the classroom, and the teachers taught and answered questions on dingding…See if I’ve got it all?”After the parents’ meeting, we started our work. One group added notes, another group printed the class schedule with screen shots, and some others downloaded and used the platform.Linyuan residential district party chief branch secretary, neighborhood committee director Xu Qian in the district for different grades of children print curriculum.Notes taken by the social workers of Linyuan Neighborhood Committee.This row touch, the neighborhood committee paid special attention to the area of a two-child family, a child in kindergarten, a child in primary school, next week, two children have to stay at home to study, which makes the child’s father Feng sheng anxiety.Originally, the child’s mother suffers from allergic purpura, can not be tired, and they have to support the family, can not ask for leave.In order to ease the burden on the poor family, the social worker of Linyuan neighborhood Committee brought his laptop computer to the neighborhood committee to reassure Mr. Feng that his primary school children can come to the neighborhood committee to take online classes, and the neighborhood committee will take care of them.”At this stage, the epidemic prevention work is still arduous and the task of control is still heavy, but we cannot slack off in providing services to the residents.”Xu qian said that as the prevention and control measures change, community service skills and models should also change at any time, and the help of watchmen should be directed to the needs of the people, so that we can truly form a “concentric circle” of the community to fight the epidemic.Li Jiawei Picture Editor Zhang Tongze Proofread Shi Yun