Teartears makes way for the new man, drops AG from the squad, but his faith is still with us

2022-06-24 0 By

Speaking of the dream tears dream teacher this character, it can be said that there is no end of words, from that year into the professional arena, into everyone’s vision, and then to the back of the line of no soldiers steal home world War ONE famous, this is his brilliant resume in life.But later because of the growth of age gradually retired from KPL professional events, a new man to replace him.Even so, he still exists in The Chengdu AG super game will go out of the big list, this is the team respect for him.AG has always been a strong team and a weak team. In the process of change, Dream tears have always been silently supporting him, and he has never thought of leaving the team.For an anchor with a large fan base like Dreamtears, he could have made a fortune by switching teams, but he didn’t. Instead, he waited quietly.For example, in the recent fall 2021 tournament, THE AG team did not achieve much, and even disappointed fans in some matches. However, tears still watched the games in the live broadcast room and cheered them on.Recently, however, there was a news that the AG super game team will be on the roster for spring 2022, and it seems that Dream Tears is not on the roster. In the past, although Dream Tears will not play, his name will still be on the AG team, but this time it is completely missing.Later, after understanding, I found out that It was Dream Tears who quit, because he wanted to leave more opportunities for the new people, so that they can also appear in the public view.Dream tears also said that individual dreams should not override the team.Many fans would love to see the tears play again, but that’s not going to happen anymore.He knows he won’t be able to play KPL again, and of course he wants to continue his career, but the team is more important than the individual.That’s the only regret fans have about him, but if they really want to see dreamtears play, the world suit is ok, dreamtears has already led the two teams to the world series, and maybe they can make it to the big time.Now that he has completely quit KPL’s AG superclub, his faith is still with us.AG will lead the new blood to play with the same faith in spring 2022, we just need to continue to support them and cheer them on.